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Did you know, that once your PR application is submitted to DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) you can apply for Medicare?

Eligibility for Medicare Card

Everyone who lives in Australia—excluding Norfolk Island residents—is eligible for a Medicare card if they:

  • hold Australian citizenship
  • hold New Zealand citizenship (documentation required). More information on the Medicare enrolment for New Zealand citizens page
  • have been issued with a permanent visa
  • have applied for a permanent visa (excludes an application for a parent visa), have permission to work in Australia or can prove relationship to an Australian Citizen — other requirements may also apply.  Call us for more information
You can see more here on the Human Services website:

There is a cost for Medicare called the Medicare levy. To help fund the scheme, most taxpayers pay a Medicare levy of 2.0% of their taxable income. You can see more here:

Or even use their online Medicare calculator here:

Most of our workers are now paying $ 97/month for the minimum BUPA coverage required by law while under their 457. You may or may not find Medicard to be a better choice on cost and coverage, especially if you have your family with you once you apply for your PR.

If you are on a coverage other than BUPA and would like us to get you a quote for coverage from BUPA, let us know. (read on our website…)


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