Visitor Visa subclass 600:  What you need to know!

One of the visa types we help people with at Yangwha Visa is the subclass 600 visa. The subclass 600 visa has two “streams” as the DIBP calls them the Business Stream and the Visitor Stream. We do business visas for business people needing to visit Australia for business meetings or business trainings and are happy to help anyone you know that needs one. The second “stream” is the tourist stream. Tourist visas for vacation, holiday or to visit relatives and may be issued for either 30 days with a single entry in the country, or 12 months with multiple entries permitted. We are often asked what are the requirements for a 12 month multiple entry versus a 30 day single entry visa. The answer is difficult to give as the DIBP does not publish listed guidelines and allows individual visa case officers great discretion in making decisions. They are concerned with a couple of things:

One, what is your “willingness to return” which means will you go home at the end of your visa or will you try to overstay in Australia. The second question is do you have sufficient funds to provide for yourself during your visit. The case officer will look at a number of factors when considering your application. Here is a list:

  • Property in the Philippines-do you own a house or a car or a business?
  • Family, do you have family members to return to in the Philippines, like a spouse and children?
  • Means-do you have the money to afford your stay?
  • Employment-are you regularly employed in the Philippines?
  • Sponsorship-do you have friends, family, fiancé(e) or a partner in Australia-will they write you a letter saying that they will help sponsor your visit to Australia?

A couple of other important note some visitor visas will come with a “no further stay condition” and this means that you cannot apply for another Australian visa until after you leave the country. In some cases, for longer stays or elderly visitors a medical check and health insurance may be required.

If you have friends or family that would like to visit you in Australia give us a call we will be happy to help!


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