The use of the term “sponsorship” can cause confusion. Let’s look at its applications as an approval to sponsor and hire 457 workers. And SBS, or Standard Business sponsorship, is a document issued by the Australian government via the DIBP. It is typically valid for 3 years from date of issue (1 year for companies in operation for less than 12 months). It allows you to hire 457 workers. Once the sponsorship expires you have two options. If you don’t renew it you can then keep only your existing 457 workers on staff, you cannot hire additional 457 workers. You can sponsor these existing 457 workers for a Permanent Resident, or PR application. It is a different sort of sponsorship, but the same work is used creating confusion.

Your second option is to renew it. Really though it is not a renewal, but a subsequent entirely new application and you will have to re-qualify under every requirement, including the training expense. You can now continue to add 457 workers to staff, either through overseas recruitment with Yangwha, hire walk-in applicants that already have a 457 visa, convert workers on short term work visas, such as the “working Holiday” visa to a 457 visa. Of course you can sponsor your existing 457 workers for Permanent Residency as well.

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