Permanent Resident-Employer Sponsored Migration

permanent resident visa australia

For workers who want to live and work permanently in Australia.

Here’s what you need to know when your workers ask to bring over their wife/husband /partner and kids or asks you to support their application for Permanent Residence status.

The question of Permanent Residence sponsorship.  There are a number of application streams for 457 workers to apply for Permanent Residence status.  In almost all cases though, it is the Temporary RMSS stream that makes the best and easiest choice.  Before a worker can make this application, they must have two years of continuous employment with you, their sponsor.  As sponsor, you must provide a detailed statement and in addition, a new two year contract.  We can give you a template for the statement, and help to prepare a contract.  Your obligations under this contract are limited.  Our visa company can help you with this.  You can visit us at

We also have detailed information for your workers here should they ask you: you need to know. Additional requirements are a PAYG summary for two years, pay slips for two years, extract of leave records and evidence of training expenditure records for the last 12 months.

Some items to note: Regarding the decision to grant or not grant the request for sponsorship of a PR (Permanent Residence) for your workers.  If you say no, they are very likely to begin looking for a new sponsor that will agree to support them in their application.

As permanent residents they can potentially leave your employ and go to work for any employer in any occupation-they would not need a sponsor or to stick with a particular nominated job. You may be able to petition DIBP to revoke their PR status if they violate the 2 year contract, however.

As mentioned above, it becomes easier of them to leave, but our experience is that if sponsorship for the application is refused they will begin to seek a new sponsor that will assist them.  We receive calls from the deployed workers of other agencies asking for help in this regard.

It takes some months to complete the requirements for the application and once an application is submitted it will take 6-12 months for approval.  If they leave your employ during that period their application is jeopardised.

Workers will often ask for salary advances as the government filing costs are high.  We also offer lay away or installment plans to help our applicants. The costs start at a minimum of about $6,200 for a single applicant and go up from there when additional family members are included.

We have successfully handled many of these applications over the years.  As our visa company is a Filipino company, our rates are much lower than Australian Migrant Agents and we are regulated under strict Philippines business law regarding visa companies.  All deposits made by workers are directed to an escrow account, held separately from our operating funds.  As much of the application information is based on the sponsoring company, we are happy to offer group discounts for your employees-as we have efficiencies when filing batches of applications with the same sponsor.  They can save about 10% off our fees if you request us to do a group package and we are happy to promote this program with your employees as a benefit coming from their employer.

– 457 Workers (conditions apply)
– Anyone who wants to permanently work in Australia (conditions apply)

– Must be 49 years of age and above
– Must have at least 3 years work experience-for Direct Entry Stream
– Must meet English qualification
– Vocational English-Temporary Residence Stream
– Competent English-Direct Entry Stream
– Must meet skills qualification-for Direct Entry Stream

-Passport size photograph
-Visa application charge
-Birth certificate
-Evidence of employment
-Evidence of trainings
-Evidence of English language or IELTS exempt