Partner, Spouse or Fiancée

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-For people who are partners of Australian citizens or Australian
-Permanent residents who want to live with them in Australia:
-Husband, wife, de facto, same sex…

If you are planning to bring your de facto partner to Australia, here is what you need to know!  You must prove to the DIBP that you have been in this de facto relationship for a minimum of one year before you apply for the visa.

You can apply to bring in your de facto partner under your 457 work visa, as part of a Permanent Resident (PR)  visa and under other Australian visas, but we will focus on these two applications as they are our most common requests

One of the questions you are asked is have you been living together?  This is often difficult for a Filipino applicant-especially for an OFW as in the Philippines it is technically illegal for unmarried couples to live together.  You can still apply though, because the DIBP recognizes that in some countries like the Philippines this is illegal.  You do not have to meet this requirement!

Here is the list of the things you must prove to the DIBP:

*You have a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others
*You are in a genuine and continuing relationship
*You are not related by family.

Some other things you must show:

*Your financial relationship:
*Joint ownership of property
*Joint bank statements
*Joint loans

We can help you through this process to a successful application either under your existing 457 visa or as part of you permanent residency.  Our prices are much less than an Australian Migrant Agent and we can work with your partner to get the application done right.  Let our experience and great prices help you bring your partner to Australia!  You can get more details HERE or contact us today for a free assessment, we are happy to help you.

Partner Australia Visa

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-De Facto (live in partner)

-Must have an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident Sponsor
-Must have been in the relationship for the last 12 months – for defacto &  prospective marriage
-Age 18 years or older
-Must know and have met your fiancé(e) in person as adults –  for prospective marriage visa
-Must be free to marry – there must be no impediment to your marriage
-Must meet health requirement
-Must meet character requirement (for applicant and sponsor)

-Passport size photographs
-Visa application charge
-NSO birth certificate
-NSO marriage certificate
-NSO certificate of no marriage/Advisory on Marriages
-Evidence of relationship
-Sponsor’s evidence of financial capability