When you avail of our services we want to do the very best job we can for you and your family.  And, for us to do the best possible job, we need your help.  So, what is the help we need?   First, when we request documents thsponsored visa australiae faster you can get them to us the better.  We have to verify the document before we submit them with your application, and sometimes a school or a former employer doesn’t respond to us and we may call on you to help us to get them to cooperate.

Check your passport-when does it expire?  For most visas you will need at least 6 months validity left on your passport when you enter Australia.  Is it expiring soon?  Let us know we will help you get the renewal expedited.

NBI clearances and medical checkups must be followed up on promptly.  The Australian immigration department, known as DIBP, will not consider an application unless it is 100% complete.

When it comes to medical checks, did you know that your PR application can be turned down if one of your family members doesn’t meet Australian health requirements?  Any worries on this please let us know in advance so we can best help you.  When a medical question shows up during your checkup, the clinic must report it to Global Health, the medical branch of Australia’s Immigration department.  That is why sometimes we will recommend a special pre-med checkup before you visit the official Australian government clinic.

When a question is raised on a medical exam it is a very difficult situation.  No one is allowed to contact the Australian government doctor that will examine your file.  We have to wait, sometimes months, to see if they issue any comments, before you we learn how and if we can proceed with your application.

Remember, we are working for you and we want to see you application approved.  All of us in the office are so very glad every day that we get approvals, so work with us, tells ANYTHING you think might be a problem, we are here to help you get to Australia and realize your dreams!


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