immigration australiaToday we will talk about doing your own visa application…and why it can be the most expensive plan you chose. There is tons of info available on the web on how to file your own visa applications, whether it be a PR, tourist visa, a 457 dependent application, fiancé/fiancée visa the list goes on!

And this is the PROBLEM, for each visa there is a ton of infos to read, lots of forms and very detailed (and complicated!) explanations. It will take you forever to read it all.

And that is after your decide which visa is best for you. Just to give one example-you want to apply for PR-so will you file RSMS or ENS? Direct Stream or Temporary stream (wait…I thought a stream was a place you went to go fishing…) hmmm do you need an RCB approval with that? Well, start reading!

At Yangwha we are experts. We file Australian visas of all types everyday, with the embassy here in Manila and online with DIBP in Australia. Did you know some visas have to be filed direct with the Australia Embassy Service Delivery Partner and some online with DIBP only? Oh, and some you file online with DIBP but they get processed by the Australian Embassy Manila staff?

This is just a little taste of some of the things you need to know BEFORE you even start filing out your application!

At Yangwha our fees are very low. We are much cheaper than other agents. Send us a deposit on your visa and we will start to help you get your application ready to go and answer all your questions. We are happy to take installment payments. You can even get a discount on your PR application by bringing your friends to us!

Once we have all your documents ready and in order we will file your application. No long nights spent reading the DIBP website over and over again. No rejected applications due to missed requirements or misunderstanding the DIBP’s rules.

We have been contacted many times over the years by people that have had their applications rejected. We then help them file an appeal (over $1,600 and it can take a year or more for a hearing!) at the MRT (Migration Review Tribunal), file new applications or saddest of all tell them they have made a mistake that will prevent them from getting a visa for years or forever. Sometimes they have gone to other agents and received bad advice from an agent that just wanted to take their money. Remember in most cases there is NO REFUND for an application that gets turned down. So SAVE YOUR MONEY with Yangwha. We love to help you!


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