Child Migration

child migration australia

Children born outside Australia to parents who are not Australian Citizens do not automatically acquire Australian citizenship and they are not eligible for citizenship by descent.

Children born outside Australia to permanent resident parents will need to apply for and be granted a migration visa to be able to remain with parents in Australia.

Permanent resident parents can apply for Child Visa.

child migration australia

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-Must have an eligible sponsor
-Must be a biological child of the sponsor or
-adopted or step child of Australia parent.
-Must be under 25 years of age for child migration
-or under 18 years of age for orphan relative and adoption visa.
-Must not be married, in de facto relationship or engaged to be married.
-Must meet the health requirement
-Must meet character requirement

-Passport size photograph
-Police clearance
-Evidence that the sponsor eligibility, i. e., copy Australian passport, Australian birth certificate or evidence permanent resident
-NSO birth certificate
-If adopted child, certified copies of adoption certificates
-Evidence that child is full time student