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We will get

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We will get you there!

Yangwha Visa Consultancy Services Inc.

About Us

Yangwha Visa Consultancy Services Inc. has been providing migration services to Australia and the Philippines for the best part of two decades.  To date, we have successfully facilitated close to 5,000 visas.

Mike Smith, Yangwha Visa CEO

To satisfy the broad base of our clients’ requirements, we have evolved our migration services into two distinct profiles.

Client Profile one

A premium migration service operated from our low cost processing center based in the Philippines.  Over a period of nearly 20 years, our offshore migration agency which is free to supply migration services to Australia, has built a reputation of dependability and value for money.  Our clients enjoy the feeling of comfort and reassurance that comes from dealing with our Filipino staff and Australian CEO who speak Tagalog and English and understand both the Filipino and Australian culture.  We have a near 100% success rate with regards to our visa applications and THERE ARE NO additional consultation charges or additional charges by the hour.  We have low cost local Australian Yangwha phone numbers and we will always endeavor to call clients straight back via our internet based VOIP phone lines to save them money.

Client profile two

ENJOY all of the above benefits but in addition and for those people that also require a MARA backed service and for a small additional cost your application will be reviewed and  overseen by our Australian-based MARA accredited Yangwha migrant officer and then lodged against her MARA number.

Registered migration agents must meet professional standards, follow the Code of Conduct and maintain up-to-date knowledge of migration law and procedure. Click here to see – MARA’s Code of Conduct.

Immigration Services

      • Filipinos who want to work in Australia
      • Tourists, visiting family or friends or visiting for  business or an event in Australia
      • Employers who sponsor skilled people to work in Australia
      • Students planning to study in Australia
      • Those planning to marry an Australians

Standard Business Sponsorship

Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) is an arrangement with the Australian government that allows Australian companies to sponsor overseas citizens to work in Australia.


The process of identifying a position to be filled by an overseas worker in your business.

Family Visa

Accommodates the several family categories from relatives, siblings, parents to immediate family unit.

Working Visas

Entitles skilled workers to work in Australia for up to four years if they are sponsored by an approved Australian employer. You must have relevant skills and experience for the position you are applying for.

De Facto Partner Visa

Allows the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen live in Australia temporarily.

Other Visa

Tell us the purpose and we will give you option as to the applicable visa is concerned.


Thank you so much for all all the effort and assistance of Yangwha mostly to Mike and all the staff who handled of all the documents and papers that needed to submit to DIBP its really a 50/50 chance because of my age. Then my Son Miguel Carlo turned 27 years of age more or less 3 weeks after we finally lodged the application for PR.

It’s really hard to deal with it since immigration laws mostly change every year but after the long run from the application of renewal of Visa Sub class 457 till the application of to become a Permanent Residence here in Australia ( 27th January 2017 ). The hardworking staffs from Yangwha did their job well by checking all the documents and made sure that everything will be alright before lodging my application to DIBP.

A heartfelt thanks also to Edith for doing her best handling all my papers and application and most of all I thank God for giving Mike and team wisdom, knowledge and guidance to run Yangwha Visa Consultancy.

Finally my family and I are now Permanent Resident as of this date 3rd Day of August 2017!!!
Congratulation to Yangwha. Keep going and help more people to reach their dream…
GOD BLESS you all!!!

E. Piopongco and Family

(PR Visa), August 2017

Taos puso po akong nagpapasalamat sa Yangwha Visa Consultancy Services Inc. dahil mula pa noong 2008 hanggang ngayon ay nariyan pa rin po kayo na umaalalay sa akin at iba pang mga Filipino na naririto sa australia…Salamat po sa another 4 years na working visa. MABUHAY PO KAYONG LAHAT!!!
(English trans.) I wholeheartedly thank Yangwha Visa Consultancy Services Inc. for all your assistance to me and my fellow Filipinos in Australia. Thank you for another 4 year working visa. LONG LIVE, EVERYONE!!!


A. Masagca

(457 Visa), August 2015

I would remember when I was on the struggle applying for a job here in Australia. It took me a year and a half with other agencies, but with Yangwha, all it took is just less than a week to get my visa. So when the time comes for me to apply for my PR status visa. I would definitely choose Yangwha. No questions asked! A lot of thanks to you both , Mike and Ms. Rozel and also your team

Mark Louie Fulgueras, WA

(Dependent Visa), March 2014

It’s been months since I’ve arrived here in Australia. Job in the meat industry was a bit difficult, but in the end a very rewarding one. Through the opportunity that YWA has given, I was able to conquer my weaknesses as a person, cherish the fruits of my hard work and face a bright future ahead. Now, I’m looking forward for the arrival of my family. My heartfelt gratitude to YWA specially to their staffs who treated us as a family when we are still on the process of getting here. More power!!!

Mr. J.T., Naracoorte, SA

(Dependent Visa), March 2013

Greatly appreciated and let me take this opportunity to complement Yangwha and the whole staff for the great professional services and assistance they rendered from the time I was processing my visa back in the Philippines to this visa assistance for my dependents.

Rogelio Nalus & Family, Sydney, NSW

(Dependent Visa), March 2014

We would like to thank you too Sir for your kind assistance and professionalism in handling our requirement.  We could not accomplish such requirement without your help and prompt response.  We are happy to deal with you again in the future.

 VC Multinational Manufacturing Firm

(Multiple 400 Visas), December 2013

We would like to extend our warmest appreciation to Yangwha for their hard work in processing our papers.  Wishing that there are a lot more Filipino’s who will benefit in your good work and be hired here.  Keep up the good work.  God bless, YANGWHA. 

Mrs.  V. Y.  Wangara, WA

(Dependent Visa), April 2013

Hi Yangwha, thank you so much for processing our permanent resident visa. There’s a lot of changes in our lives since we got our Permanent Residency. One of the most important is the benefit we are receiving from the government of Australia. We are so happy. Thank you so much.

Mrs.  H. F. , Bassendean, WA

(Permanent Resident Visa),  April 2013

Good day!  Hope you still remember me and my batchmates. Just thought of greeting you, “Happy Easter!”.  It has been a long time since we have gotten in touch with you. Also, just want to thank you on behalf of our group for Yangwha’s help coming here in Australia.  Yeah, we are now permanent residents and for that, we highly appreciate all your support and help.  Hope to meet you again in the future.

Mr.  D. R. and Family, Mackay, QLD

(Dependent Visa),  March 2013

Thank you very much for the wonderful processing of our PR visa.  Hoping we could pay you back in a small and humble way.

Again, in behalf of my family, my sincerest thanks for helping us fulfill our dreams.

Mervin Cuaresma and Family

(Permanent Resident Visa),  January 2015

Once again, thank you for sending the details and providing other information.  We really appreciate all your assistance and help extended to our family.

Will be in touch and the family wish to meet you in the future when we visit the Philippines.

Again, salamat po ng maraming marami!!! (Thank you very much!!!). God bless!

Jun, Arlene, & Kids

(Permanent Resident Visa),  July 2015

Thank you Yangwha for all the help and support you have given me from applying for a working visa back in December 2018 to now being granted a permanent residency here in Australia. Most especially to Sir Mike who convinced me back then that Australia is a lot better place than the country where I was applying for a job, and of course to Mam Rozel who is always ready to answer my questions.
May our good Lord bless you more.!!!

Edgie Agapay 

(Permanent Resident Visa),  May 2022

I just would like to give a simple testimonial from my wife’s visa 482 approval last 2019.

I highly recommend Yangwha Consultancy Services Inc. for their excellent work. My wife got her subclass 482 visa approved last 2019 very quickly.
I would like to thank the whole Yangwha team to make the process so smooth and stress-free.

Dennis Barola 

(482 Dependent Visa),  May 2022

On behalf of me and my family we would like to thank you very much for all your hardwork 

and effort you guys put into helping to get our permanent visa. It was a pleasure dealing with

such a friendly team. Our family is thankful you have helped us start a new life in the wonderful

country of Australia.  Again, Thank you for your fantastic help. 

All the best for the future.

Wilmar Ngo and Family

(Permanent Resident Visa ),  June 2022

Your right to select a migration agent of your choice for an Employer Sponsored Permanent Visa

An Employer-Sponsored Permanent Residency visa (186 and 187) has 2 components; the nomination (employer’s data) and the visa (your data) and whilst your employer clearly has the right to elect a migration agent to process the nomination component, it is also your right to elect your own migration agent to process the visa component. The two components can readily be lodged by two separate agents. By supporting your rights to select your own migration agent the employer is safeguarding his position against any accusations of benefiting financially from the lodgement of such a high-cost visa, particularly if the employer has a significant number of PR applicants.