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We offer you flexibility at Yangwha with 2 options to choose from

Option 1 – is our value for money, low cost migration service option, which we have now been successfully providing to our clients for over 8 years – the applicants enjoy the feeling of comfort and reassurance that comes from dealing with our staff that speak Tagalog and English and understand both the Filipino and Australian culture – there are considerable cash savings that come from our Philippine based processing centre and our staff are always available and ready to discuss with the applicants any concerns that they might have at any time in the day – We have a near 100% success rate with our visa applications – and THERE ARE NO additional consultation charges or additional charges by the hour – We have low cost local Australian Yangwha phone numbers and we will always try to call clients straight back via our internet based VOIP phone lines to save them money.

Australian Visa Types

Australia Visa Consultancy Service

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Option 2 – ENJOY all of the above benefits but in addition and for those people that also require a MARA backed service and for a small additional cost your application will be reviewed and overseen by our Australian based MARA accredited Yangwha migrant officer and then lodged against her MARA number.

Registered migration agents must meet professional standards, follow the Code of Conduct and maintain up-to-date knowledge of migration law and procedure. Click here to see – MARA’s Code of Conduct.

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Your right to select a migration agent of your choice for an Employer Sponsored Permanent Visa

An Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency visa (186 and 187) has 2 components; the nomination (employer’s data) and the visa (your data) and whilst your employer clearly has the right to elect a migration agent to process the nomination component, it is also your right to elect your own migration agent to process the visa component. The two components can readily be lodged by two separate agents. By supporting your rights to select your own migration agent the employer is safeguarding his position against any accusations of benefiting financially from the lodgement of such a high cost visa, particularly if the employer has a significant number of PR applicants.
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Michael Alan Smith-Owner/Director
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